Our chapter was founded at the University of Manitoba in 1928!


Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement; stretching coast to coast through over 170 collegiate campuses with more then 200,000 members!


Alpha Phi enhances and promotes each members’ education and personal development by focusing on sisterhood, scholarship, service, loyalty and character development. Every day we assist college women in making informed choices to reach their highest potential.

Our Values






Character Development

Alpha Phi was founded 144 years ago at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Our fraternity was founded by 10 forward-thinking young women who wanted to challenge the status quo.


Back in 1872, there was a lot of gender inequality. Very few women were in university, and those who were there did not receive respect equal to their male colleagues.


On the afternoon of September 18, 1872 Martha Foote Crow was visiting with two of her friends and fellow Alpha Phi founders, Clara Sittser Williams and Kate Hogoboom Gilbert. Martha asked them, “Why can’t we have a society as well as the men?” To their knowledge there were no female fraternities.


Since our founding Alpha Phi has had many firsts. The first sorority house (1886), the first traveling delegate program (1894), and the first NPC website launched (1995) are a few.


Alpha Phi adopted cardiac care as her philanthropy in 1946 and the Alpha Phi Foundation was born in 1956.


Alpha Phi has a legacy and standard of excellence. She now has over 170 active chapters with over 200,000 initiated members. Her first 144 years have been extremely successful, and her next 144 years will continue along the same path.


If you would like to know more about Alpha Phi and its legacy, please visit our international website at http://www.alphaphi.org

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