Letter from the President

I would like to welcome you to Alpha Phi.


Alpha Phi Beta-Eta was founded in Manitoba in 1928 by young women that believed in the values that Alpha Phi believes in. They believed in advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy, community service, sisterhood and excellence in academics.


I joined Alpha Phi because coming from a small high school to a big university seemed scary and many of my friends did not attend university. I wanted to meet a group of girls that would inspire me and that would encourage me in my academic and career goals. Since, joining Alpha Phi I have gained a group of friends that inspire me each and everyday, became more involved in my community, fundraised for heart disease which is a cause close to home, gained leadership experience and tools that I will use in the future and many travel opportunities. If you decide to join Alpha Phi I promise you that you will meet a group of the most genuine and supportive girls. These girls have also had my back during the hardest times.


Allow Phi to help you reach and realize your full potential. I can honestly say I would never think years ago that I would be Chapter President. I am truly honored to be President. Alpha Phi helps people grow.


I encourage you to explore our website to get a sense of our history, sisterhood, philanthropy, campus involvement, leadership opportunities and to find out how you can become a member and make Alpha Phi your home.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


Best Regards
Alexa Peters
Chapter President

Chapter President

Alexa Peters

Alexa is in her third year at The University of Manitoba, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Family Studies. She plans on going into Marriage and Family Therapy.

“I joined Alpha Phi to meet a group of girls that would support me and motivate me towards my goals as well as having some fun along the way.”

VP Risk Management

Alexanndria Lillies

Al is in her third year of Linguistics at The University of Winnipeg. She is also an Alpha Phi Legacy.
“I joined to make new, strong connections and have a better university experience. I love everything about being a part of Alpha Phi. I finally feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself.”

VP Member Education and Programming 

Dominique Ruest

Dominique is in her second year at the University of St.Boniface. She is currently doing an Honours in Psychology. She is planning on going to Graduate school to achieve her Masters and PhD in School Psychology.

“I was never aware that Manitoba had sororities, but I could not be happier that I stumbled upon Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi has given me a group of not only friends, but sisters that have exceeded my wildest expectations. In which I find more support, love and motivation than I could ever ask for.”

VP Membership Recruitment

Danica Enemark

Danica is in her second year at The University of Manitoba. She is currently majoring in Linguistics and minoring in History.

“I joined Alpha Phi because I wanted to be part of something bigger. Alpha Phi has allowed me to explore a multitude of volunteering opportunities as well as a social life I could never have imagined, filled with amazing friends I can call sisters.”

VP Marketing

Ally Panico

Ally is in her first year at The University of Winnipeg. She is currently majoring in Rhetoric and Communications.

“I joined Alpha Phi because I’ve always wanted a sister. Phi has helped me start my university experience on the best note possible, and will continue to help me thrive,  not only for the next four years. But for life.”

VP Community Relations 

Danika Bourrier

Danika is in her first year of her second degree at the Univserity of St.Boniface. She is currently in education to become an elementary school teacher.

“I joined Alpha Phi to enhance my university experience. I have really enjoyed taking part in the various opportunities that Alpha Phi has offered me and through that I have been able to meet a group of encouraging, intelligent and strong women that I can call my friends!”

VP Finance 

Michelle Romanuk

Michelle is in her third year at The University of Manitoba. She is currently majoring in Biology and hopes to continue her education in the medical field.

“Hello, Bonjour, Tansi, I am a proud Cree woman. I am very active within our Indigenous community on Campus and am passionate about indigenous rights. I have taken multiple native studies courses so I can learn more about my heritage and I currently am involved in the Neechiwaken program which is a peer mentorship program for indigenous students in University. I hope to one day work short contracts in different Indigenous communities administering Health services. I also am passionate about animals and volunteer with the Winnipeg Humane Society. I also am very active and play on multiple competitive and recreation teams. I am a goalie in Hockey and Ringette and a third baseman in Fast Pitch and Softball. I love keeping busy and being involved in the community and Alpha Phi helps me feel complete. I don’t know where I’d be without this sorority.”

Executive Administration

Kimmy Capiendo

Kimmy is in her first year at The University of Manitoba, currently in U1. She is planning on going into Business next year.

“Coming from a family where both my sisters are involved in sororities, I’ve always been interested in joining one myself. Being apart of Alpha Phi has helped my transition to university life. I’ve found an amazing group of girls who continuously inspire and motivate me. I’m so glad I chose Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi chose me.”

Panhellenic President

Carolyn Moorman

Carolyn is in her third year at The University of Manitoba, currently Majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Linguistics. She plans on going into graduate school to become a neuropsychologist.

“Joining Alpha Phi has changed my whole university experience. I have met so many outgoing, wonderful young women who share the same goals as me and have been by my side pushing me to reach my greatest potential in all aspects of my life. I have grown so much as a young woman and I am forever grateful for my sisters and the opportunities Alpha Phi has given me both academically and socially.”