In Alpha Phi, we are #bettertogether.

Formal Recruitment is the start of a great opportunity! Joining a sorority is a great way to get involved on campus and form lifelong friendships.


During Formal Recruitment you will have the opportunity to learn more about Alpha Phi and ask any questions you may have. Recruitment is an exciting time for all of us because we get to meet all of you: our (potential) future sisters!


Registration for Fall 2017 Formal Recruitment is now open! Open House Rounds will be held September 18th, 19th, and 21st on the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus! Make sure you click on the link below to register, we promise you’ll be glad you did.

Top 5 Reasons to Go Through Formal Recruitment

  1. Formal Recruitment is a great way to make new friends, not only in the sorority you end up joining but in the entire Greek community.
  2. Formal Recruitment lets you explore what each sorority is really about, allowing you to discover what group is the best fit for you.
  3. During Formal Recruitment you get to meet all of the sisters of Alpha Phi and make meaningful connections.
  4. During Formal Recruitment you have the opportunity to learn about Alpha Phi, our values, and why sorority life is important to us.
  5. It’s a great experience! Formal Recruitment is a fun and totally unique University experience.