A sister is the best kind of best friend there is. Your sister is someone who makes you laugh and agrees to do silly matching costumes at Halloween. She’s that person with whom you can have conversations without saying a word. A sister’s the girl who will give you advice, who will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it and will always have your back. You and your sister might not always get along but you love each other, no matter what.

“I joined my sorority looking for friends, but what I found were sisters”

Now imagine having thirty sisters, being surrounded by all this love, constant friendship and mutual support. There’s always someone available to go for coffee between classes or to the library late at night. You’ll never have to eat lunch by yourself or sit beside a stranger in class. You may have some times alone, but you’ll never be lonely. Having 30 sisters who love you just for being you is the best feeling in the world; we look out for each-other and aren’t afraid to stick around when things get messy and tough. All for one, and one for all – union hand in hand.